Promotional Item Minimum Order Misconceptions

  • Nov 15, 2023

There is a common misconception (albeit one with an element of truth to it) that minimum order quantities of promotional items are high.


It’s true that minimum orders for inexpensive promotional items, such as customized pens, to generally be 100 or higher. Orders for promotional mugs generally start at three dozen, and truly begin to become cost-effective at 12 dozen. Custom totes, or other types of promotional bags, can be ordered in quantities as low as 50. There are, of course, always exceptions, but these generally are the standard rules.


So what happens if you only need 12? Or 15? Or, even lower, three to six? 


Think two words: embroidery and engraving.


Don’t tell our embroiderer we shared this, but the minimum order quantity for embroidered garments is one. Just one! So if you have a key staff member, or two, or five, who you think are deserving of special recognition and appreciation, we at CHH Engraving can provide you with a promotional item such as a vest, jacket, or hat with your logo. And, in many cases, even personalize it. 


Nothing truly says we appreciate you better than something that not only reflects your branding, but also acknowledges the individual receiving it.


Engraving is the other option when it comes to small quantities of items. One bamboo cutting board or charcuterie board with your logo? No problem. How about a customized stainless steel tumbler, cup, or water bottle? Now engraved with your logo. We at CHH Engraving can help you do that. It can even be individually personalized so your staff doesn’t end up drinking out of someone else’s mug.


CHH Engraving will meet your needs for recognition and promotional items, whether hundreds (or thousands) of items for mass distribution or very small quantities for special people. Reach out to connect with an expert today.

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